Verdimonti Rosato Wine

Verdimonti Rosato Wine


Composition: 100 Sangiovese grapes.

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In order to obtain a an excellent quality of  Rosato  wine, the red grapes are left in contact with their pomace a for a brief lapse of time, usually no more than 24 hours and the must is then naturally fermented like the red wines.

The pink colour of the wine is given to the fact that  the grape juice is taken out before the real fermentation starts . This juice not having been in touch with the red grape skins will keep its pink original colour and not become red.

This procedure allows our Rosato to keep the same characteristics of our red Wine but not the same colour.

The alcoholic fermentation is effected at controlled temperature and it is a very slow process.

The malo-lactic fermentation is naturally achieved during the next spring following the harvest.

This wine is bottled without any wood aging during the summer after the fermentation and this is allowing  it to keep its characteristic light sparkling flavour.

The alcohol volume is usually quite high, around 13-14%. This allows  this wine to maintain a wide range of  aroma and a slightly sweet retro-taste.

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